Steven Seva - Relationship Expert & Sacred Prosperity Coach


I'm Steven Seva and I'm here to help heal patterns of suffering around relationships, sexuality, and prosperity. To supplement the unending art project that is my own personal development, I have trained in a wide variety of classes, workshops, and mentorships with utterly brilliant men & women. That's the boring stuff though. I'll tell you about that later.  

What I'm more interested in sharing is how I'm hear to help people work through some of the hardest elements of the human experience; relationships, sexuality, and money/prosperity.

Working with me is about reaching our higher potentials. More passion, pleasure, and conflict-free time in our relationships. Feeling like a frickin' rockstar in the bedroom. Using profound communication tools that create deep and soul-satisfying  connections with our partner. Or developing purpose driven earning systems that transform us into a money magnet.

I'm available for coaching

Brady W. From Baltimore, Maryland

"Steven has a radiant, intriguing energy about him that is captivating the moment he opens his mouth on stage. The way he takes control of a crowd and leaves them wanting more is very special, and I found myself cultivating a deep respect and admiration for Steve after witnessing his awesome workshop."

Cheryl - Vancouver, BC, Canada

"This class was life changing!"